Who We Are

Since the first gathering took place on November 15, 1927, Ezra Parker Chapter, NSDAR, members have worked hard to promote historic preservation, education, and patriotism. Our chapter members come from very diverse backgrounds. From young women entering college, to new mothers, to working women, and beyond to retirement, you can find every type of woman amongst us. And there is still room for you. Chapter members serve their local communities by serving on organization executive boards, volunteering at schools and veterans facilities, serving as local officials, and promoting patriotic celebrations and events.

Ezra Parker Chapter, NSDAR, Daughters also serve at all levels of the DAR: chapter, state, and national. Jennette I. Thompson Barnes served as DAR of Michigan state regent 1958-1961 and Roberta Shannon Stimpson served as state regent 1982-1985. Laurie Levy served as state registrar 2006-2009. Others have also served on the state board in the capacity of state chaplain and state director. We also have chapter members who serve the National Society as National vice chairs, Continental Congress committee chairs and members, and Pages at Continental Congress. Many daughters have served as DAR of Michigan state chairs as well. We cherish our members who give their time and talents to make the DAR shine.

Ezra Parker Chapter, NSDAR, Daughters have also received high honors over our 90-plus year history. In 2004, a chapter member received the State Outstanding VAVS Volunteer award, and in 2013 a chapter member received the State Outstanding DAR Service for Veterans Volunteer award. We have also been fortunate to have three excellent chapter leaders receive the State Outstanding Chapter Regent award. Two Ezra Parker Chapter, NSDAR, Juniors (members under the age of 36) have also been recognized for their commitment to the DAR mission during the early years of their membership by being named State Outstanding Juniors. Most recently, a chapter member received the State Outstanding Volunteer Information Services Volunteer of the Year award.

*Ella S. Parker Benjamin
*Frances Nichols Bowles
*Grace Gene Bort Brandt
*Mary Conn Eaton
*Dorothy Skinner Fleming
*Ruth Shipley Garrison
*Evelyn G. Morey Heath
*Helen Vickery Booth Huebner
*Ellen Eugenia Fitzsimmons Janson
*Ellen Eugenia Janson
*Anna Garnsey Langdon
*Ruth Emily Skinner Liskow
*Bernice Farley Lurkins
*Clara Dunton Lee Miller
*Mary Ann Hemingway Skinner
*Helen Farley Smith
*Marguerite Conn Walker
Blanche Lowry Claxton
Marjorie Edwards Carson Vincent
Alice Mary Richardson Kling
Alma Rockwell McNamara
Elba Lila Morse
Helen Peck Tenhave
Neva Knapp Smith
Carol Stilson Turner
Amanda Lenore Stilson Andrews
Isabel Smith Robertson
Ida North Hale Telford
Mary Stevens West
Maude Hopkins Oliver
Frances Guilford Ohlmacher
Owena Gaffney Sherman
Lelia Davis Hudson
Margaret Stewart Trace
Elizabeth Springer Burroughs
Marion Finlay Deppe
Melissa Nicholson Flu
Ruth Steere Wetmore

*Organizing Member

*Helen Farley Smith 1927-1929
Carol Stilson Turner 1929-1931
*Anna Garnsey Langdon 1931-1933
Melissa Nicholson Flu 1933-1935
Lelia Davis Hudson 1935-1937
Florence Campbell McNeal 1937-1939
Helen Peck Tenhave 1939-1941
Blanche Lowry Claxton 1941-1943
*Dorothy Skinner Fleming 1943-1945
Clara Still Shoemaker 1945-1947
Jennette Thompson Barnes 1947-1949
Lois Manchester Harding 1949-1951
Grace Edmond Jordan 1951-1953
Laura Crissman Marx 1953-1955
Gladys Allen Robertson 1955-1957
Nancie Bird Baird 1957-1958
Catherine Allen von Schon 1958-1961
Helen Rice Montgomery 1961-1963
Naoma Porter Sutton 1963-1965
Pearl Davis Dickson 1965-1967
Jean Friederici Meacham 1967-1969
Virginia Brockelsby Weagraff 1969-1971
Carol Ladd Allen Ring 1971-1973
Helen Brinson Sheets 1973-1975
Roberta Shannon Stimpson 1975-1977
Geraldine B. Remmert Reeves 1977-1979
Ruth Ann Seville Anderson 1979-1981
Ruth Burr Stevens Powell 1981-1983
Ruby Pearl Collins Henson 1983-1985
Jeanne Rogers Shaffer 1985-1987
Shirley Winter Morse 1987-1989
Ellen Phillips Ried 1989-1991
Elizabeth Leone Heaton 1991-1993
Mary Ellen Crusoe Byrne 1993-1995
Elizabeth Leone Heaton 1995-1997
Mary Lou Luke Williams 1997-1999
Judith Mansfield Culler 1999-2001
Marcia Opdyke Cramer 2001-2003
Laurie Scarpace Levy 2003-2006
Wendy J. Bannerman Cilia Hill 2006-2009
Cora A. Spaulding Burch 2009-2011
Joanne Miller Galvin 2011-2013
Wendy J. Bannerman Cilia Hill 2013-2015
Diane Mazurek 2015-2019
Laurie Huber 2019-2021

*Organizing Member
Charter Members are italicized

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